Tokyo March 2012 Part II


Tokyo March 2012 Part I

Nagoya New Years 2011

Christmas in Kyoto 2011

Stephen Comes to Nagoya December 2011

Japan Costs Mad Cash

So I’ve noticed that I really only think in terms of Yen these days.  I went grocery shopping and spent ¥4300.  Which granted is more than I usually spend but I bought a… Continue reading

1 Day 20 Hours 28 Minutes 0 Seconds But Who’s Counting?

I am, obviously!  So for the past two weeks I’ve honestly felt nothing but dread at the thought of actually leaving for Japan.  I’ve spent months upon months living vicariously through other people’s… Continue reading

A New Beginning

And by that I mean a new beginning of complete uncertainty.  Hopefully, all of my questions will be answered by tomorrow morning.  I finally heard from Interac after two weeks of excruciating suspense… Continue reading

Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Reactors, Oh My!

It has been nearly a month since the disaster in Japan.  I was lying in bed talking online with current ALTs as the earthquake hit and watched the tsunami live via Al Jazeera.… Continue reading

No Turning Back Now

Well, now I’ve gone and done it.  I’ve sold all my stuff:  furniture, car, etc.  I’ve moved out of my apartment and the remainder of my belongings has taken over Mario’s living room… Continue reading