1 Day 20 Hours 28 Minutes 0 Seconds But Who’s Counting?

I am, obviously!  So for the past two weeks I’ve honestly felt nothing but dread at the thought of actually leaving for Japan.  I’ve spent months upon months living vicariously through other people’s blogs and photos.  It seemed like my time would never come.  Now that it has I am terrified!  I’m going somewhere completely the opposite of what I”m used to, I’ve no teaching experience, and I can’t speak a lick of Japanese!  How am I to survive?

On top of that, I spent the last weekend in Boston.  It was torture all over again.  I miss everything about that city.  Except for the fact that I was broke and unhappy with many aspects of my life.  I hate the thought of missing out while I’m gone.  I’m sad to leave my ex-boyfriend that I broke up with in March but still talk to all the time.  It’s quite healthy what we’re doing.  I’ll miss knowing how to get around everywhere and all the good places to go.  As much as I hate going in the ocean I loved living by it.  I’ll obviously miss quite a few people and my hockey team!

The good news:  I woke up really excited today!  Still sad and nervous but excited!  I’ve held off writing about my new placement on here because every time I do it gets changed.  I don’t want to jinx it so I won’t say where it is.  Know this:  IT IS AWESOME.

More to come when I am bored in the airport.  Perhaps I will reveal my new home.  Until then, stay classy USA.