Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Reactors, Oh My!

It has been nearly a month since the disaster in Japan.  I was lying in bed talking online with current ALTs as the earthquake hit and watched the tsunami live via Al Jazeera.  I was in a state of complete shock as I watched peoples’ homes be destroyed, cars rushing through the city as if they were naught but toys, and the utter devastation of it all.  I cannot imagine the terror that ran through their minds and grief of the aftermath.  An entire lifetime gone in an instant.  My heart breaks for Japan.

Fortunately, all Interac employees are safe.  Yet, thousands upon thousands are dead or missing including one American JET.  While in Chicago I saw several Japanese bands.  One member was in Sendai with her family when the tsunami hit.  Luckily they are all safe but the reality of the situation is all the more tangible when you meet someone directly affected by it.  To make matters worse, the Japanese must rectify a failing nuclear plant.   They are taking every precaution and the work of those employees is truly admirable.  I have donated to the Red Cross and will continue to do my best to aid the people of Japan.  I urge others to do so, as well.

In light of the recent events, though mainly for the sanity of my family, I have deferred my teaching position to August.  Interac called me nearly 2 weeks ago offering me an excellent package if I would come to Japan in late April.  I told them I was interested as I believe the situation is much less dire than originally portrayed in terms of radioactivity.  However, I have yet to hear from them since offering me a placement.  So it looks more and more as if my arrival will be in August.  I am slightly nervous at the prospect of my placement being pushed to next March since they are generally scarce mid school year.  I am 26 and have had a horrible time securing employment in the US and the thought of another year of part time meaningless jobs on my resume is a frightening thought for my future.